11/05/2020 / Media

Webinar Schedule for Week 20 & 21 Available!

The A2Mac1 webinar schedule for week 20 and 21 is now available online! Please check...
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28/04/2020 / Latest Vehicles

Porsche Taycan Exterior Overview

As expected, we started our activity on the #Porsche #Taycan, looking on the features, we...
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28/04/2020 / Media

The Road To Benchmarking Day 2020 – Live Webinar Series

Get the inside scoop on how to reduce cost and increase performance in our next...
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09/04/2020 / Media

Saint Gobain Off Road Project

Have you ever thought about how A2Mac1 can help you to develop innovative solutions for...
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08/04/2020 / New & Improved

Vehicle Dynamic Benchmarking Launch Teaser

We are finalizing the Vehicle Dynamic Benchmarking prototype. The prototype was built in partnership with...
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