Webinar – Highlights on Vehicle Dynamics: VW Golf VIII vs. VW ID.3

A2Mac1 and UTAC-CERAM Millbrook gave birth to a new service with high added value: Vehicle Dynamic Benchmarking, the competitive analysis of the dynamic performance of vehicles.

UTAC-CERAM Millbrook provides renowned technical expertise and top-of-the-range installations in its various test centers.

A2Mac1 provides a well-known and recognized communication vector in the field of competition analysis thanks to its unique platform already used today by all car manufacturers around the world.

Vehicle Dynamic Benchmarking is divided into three main families of tests:

  • static tests on benches,
  • quasi-static tests on benches,
  • dynamic tests on tracks

In all, around 60 results per vehicle are produced and arranged in the form of graphs, curves, and tables. For each test, a document precisely describing the protocol and the test conditions is provided, guaranteeing the rigor of the process and the quality of the results.

To give you a taste of this new service we are delighted to invite you to a webinar focusing on Vehicle Dynamics of VW ID3 compared to VW GolfVIII. We will investigate some of the results of the performance testing and bring some highlights from the teardown processes and in deep analysis of these two vehicles.

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