Webinar – Cost vs. Performance in Autonomous driving, The demand for benchmarking and cost engineering in a changing environment

The automotive industry is facing disruptive changes in an increasingly challenging environment. Trend toward eMobility, increased connectivity in the vehicle & the trend towards higher levels of autonomy requires high invests for OEMs & automotive suppliers. Future cars must provide new advanced features & functions for the end-user, while the sales price needs to remain on a competitive level. This results in a strong cost pressure on all relevant players in the market. Increasing number of ADAS sensors, advanced Autonomy levels, new market requirements such as Driver monitoring, new software concepts, different architectural approaches (centralized processing vs. decentralized processing) & cost pressure on the other hand are reshaping the market. The deep dive shows that benchmarking & cost engineering in automotive industries is essential to stay competitive in the future and to benefit from the chances of a growing ADAS market.

Joins us on October 12th for our next webinar dedicated to Costing.
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