The webinar “Batteries of the Future” is now available for download!

You have missed our webinar “Batteries of the Future” ? 🔋
The good news is that the recording is now available for download!

Here is the webinar’s abstract:
By the end of this decade, almost 30% of all new vehicles sold will carry its own rechargeable, high-voltage electric energy storage. Whatever its capacity, cell chemistry, pack architecture, and vehicle integration strategy, this future of the automotive industry is challenging. Announcements of manufacturers and regulatory bodies are raising expectations: in each above-mentioned domains, what are the consumers being promised ? What do we, A2Mac1, observed ? Based on information we gain during the teardown of the vehicles combined with good engineering judgement, what does the future hold ?
We will address these issues in our 1-hour long webinar “Batteries of the Future”.

Download it now:

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