N39 Events


For deeper insights we offer special events such as technical parts exhibitions, webinars and workshops to our customers. In 2021, we plan to enhance these events with increased insights on trending topics, more virtual parts exhibitions and interactive webinars.


• Batteries of the Future - April 14th


• LCV Workshop (on-line & on-site)
   from April 12 to 23 | EUROPE

• MG eZS Workshop (on-site only)
   from May 17 to 21 | THAILAND

• Fuel Cell Workshop (Nexo / Mirai)
   Date coming soon, stay tuned on LinkedIn


• Shanghai AutoShow - Booth number
coming soon - from April 19 to 28 | CHINA

• JSAE Yokohama - Booth #326
   from May 26 to 28 | JAPAN

N39 Market Documentation


While you may not be able to visit so many shows as you were used to due to travelling limitations and COVID-19 situation uncertainties, the industry does not stop.

Through a structured database of press releases, technical information, images and videos, our Media Pack service remains a key asset to stay up to date on all new vehicle introductions and facelifts worldwide. As we collect press information on a daily basis, we ensure you do not miss any information !

In order to ensure you continue getting a global overview of the latest tradeshows on our AutoVision program, we have taken several actions :

• We have secured the coverage of major shows for 2021 with local teams in all main locations instead of a unique team of photographers in France in the past.

• In case a major show cannot be covered, or a key vehicle is not presented at a show, we cover the vehicles at dealerships.

N39 LCVReverse


With an historical database of 38 vehicles teardown documentation since its launch in 2008, LCVReverse (light commercial vehicles) covers the main players of each segment, the most popular BIW configurations and all major powertrains, especially the cleanest (Mild-hybrid, Plug-in & Electric). All vehicles’ data are fully integrated onto our platform so that you can get the full comparison capabilities not only with all light commercial vehicles but also with all passenger vehicles (AutoReverse).
In 2021, we are expanding our LCVReverse to provide you with a worldwide coverage. In addition to covering the best sellers mainly coming from the European market, we will be analyzing two additional vehicles from other markets such as China and North America.
Additional data are / will be available:

• the Volkswagen Crafter and the Mercedes Sprinter have been analyzed by our BIW team

• the digital twins (part by part 3D scan) of the Mercedes Sprinter, the Renault Master and the Volkswagen Crafter are already available. The Citroën e-Jumpy will be covered.

• a Discovery Report dedicated to the Citroën e-Jumpy e-Powertrain which is done by our consulting team.



3D Viewer and 3D Explorer for all Chassis components

You can now benefit from all standard 3D tools provided within the Innovation Benchmarking Platform (measurements, points, sections……) when working with our Chassis program. All chassis components 3D scans are now integrated onto our platform so that you can directly access & analyze all parts from the 3D Viewer and 3D Explorer.

More vehicles,
more data

With a coverage of 100 vehicles historical database coming from the European market, at a rate of 10 vehicles analyzed per year, we are now adding 10 more vehicles analyzed each year for which we are providing the hard points, wheel alignment and properties collection.

Kinematics &

As continuation of our Chassis static benchmarking analyses, we extend our offering to Vehicle Dynamics that brings Kinematics and Compliance (K&C) analysis and on track dynamic performances benchmarking. This is a unique opportunity to evaluate competitive chassis in action and to understand the link between technological choices and resulting performances.



We are bringing you this year a completely new product for the analysis of HMI (Human-Machine Interface) / IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment). In addition to the legacy data that include over 70 vehicles covered in Europe, USA, and China, you will be able to benefit from brand new benchmarking tools as well direct access to knowledge. Our goal: make it easier for your teams to perform effective assessments and extract quickly insights.

All 2021 vehicles will feature a « knowledge » category including:

• One overview video introducing the main HMI system functionalities
• Highlights reports for each vehicle pinpointing all key information and innovative features.

From a delivery perspective, HMI Experience has been deployed on our new platform since January 2021 so that users can benefit from a better and easy-to-use interface. (In case you access HMI Experience on our legacy platform, you will be automatically redirected to the new platform).

In the coming months, you will also experience additional tools:

• The IVI Walkthrough provides an interactive navigation into the infotainment system, as well as pictures and additional information related to the full HMI eco-system of the vehicle.

• The Voice Recognition Database provides a deep analysis of the Voice assistant dialogues and possibilities.

Stay tuned !



Over the last 12 years, A2Mac1 has developed the most comprehensive automotive electronics database [8500 ECUs, >100000 components incl. 40000 ICs] together with Wire-to-Wire studies providing insights in topologies and architectures.
A2Mac1 also provides you with cost knowledge to develop the right product and design path. We evaluate product cost - at the ECU and Domain level - to create functional cost.


• The China program is now providing the analysis of 10 vehicles per year.
• Additional properties for PCBs have been added to our data acquisition process (PCB Type, Base material, number of layers). Copper layer details will soon be as well available.
• The block diagrams will be provided for each vehicle part of the 2021 European program.


• The China program is now providing the analysis of 10 vehicles per year.
• Since the end of 2020, we have improved the Bus topology and format, the ECUs are grouped by domains to introduce additional buses, clustered functional domains and minimize crossing.
• Another improvement which we are currently rolling out is the 12V power supply diagram and fuse box which are now included for all the vehicles analyzed in the different markets.
• The wire pitch is a new property we are now also covering. It includes wire supplier and impedance.


The ECU Costing program is now global instead of focusing on European vehicles only. Like every year, we are adding 50 new ECUs to the program. Instead of selecting the ECUs from 5 vehicles, we have increased the number of vehicles, and we choose the most relevant ECUs for each domain (ADAS, e-Powertrain, Infotainment / Connectivity, Body).
Moreover, the information level has increased as a detailed cost for displays and power modules will be available. Starting with current ECU design, a future cost projection to the next ECU generation will be delivered, taking into account volume effects and technological trends. A briefing will accompany each cost data release.


We recently launched two new programs providing domain-level costing and comparative studies. With our in-depth cost calculation of the full e-powertrain and ADAS domains, benchmark prices are available on component and functional levels. This also includes cost trends and cost-technology roadmaps. The benchmark reports show a direct comparison between solutions and comments KPIs. In addition to the data analysis and report, our clients can benefit from briefings and reviews with our costing team to exchange on the essential findings and to apply lessons learned on their design.



The Mexican economy is the second largest in Latin America and the 15th among in the world.

Why Mexico?

For years, Mexico has experienced growth in the automotive sector, which places it as the seventh largest automaker in the world, leading Latin American nations as a leader in exports and production.
It is a country that has macroeconomic stability, which translates into three keywords for investing: security, confidence and growth.

Strategic location

Mexico shares a border with the United States, one of the largest markets in the world, a fact that facilitates the application of border programs such as Free Trade Agreements, helping to reduce costs and time.
Besides of being the bridge between North America, Central and South America.

Great import and export platform

Mexico is one of the most open economies in the world and through its network of trade agreements, it has privileged access to 45 nations, with a potential demand of 1.2 billion people.

Querétaro Benchmarking Site

Currently, the state of Querétaro is positioned as the second most profitable in the entire country, just after Mexico City. In addition, Santiago de Querétaro is the third most competitive city, capable of creating a good environment for investment, attracting it and maintaining it for a long time. This is due to the great commercial and industrial diversity of the city, which provides productivity and well-being at the same time for all inhabitants.



It was established in May 2019, starting operations in September of the same year.
Our office in Querétaro, Mexico, has 3 key objectives, the first is to provide better service and support to our customers world-wide, the second is to support the local players and finally the third is to be a bridge to the market in South America.



We will get back to you in a short time.



Meet Our New China General Manager

Today China represents 25% of Automotive Market in the world, making China an indispensable part of the Automotive Industry. In this context, A2Mac1 has decided to continue to reinforce our team in China. It is with great pleasure that we present to you Mr. Michael ZHANG who has joined the A2Mac1 China team.
Michael holds an MBA Degree, along with many years of experience in global automobile manufacturing, auto retail functionality, and JV management. He also played a huge role in supporting overseas factory establishments from scratch and consulting spheres for clients from a technical level. As the new local Chinese General manager, Michael brings with him a deep knowledge with over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and consulting experience in China and across the globe. Michael will lead the A2Mac1 China team to catch up on the Chinese market trend. Relying on A2Mac1 strong brand, Michael sets out to open up new development opportunities for all Chinese customers to bring more powerful Benchmarking support.





A2Mac1 costing studies to deliver full domain costing on innovative and new architectures!

The most innovative vehicles around the world are constantly benchmarked and costed by OEMs individually. Through the integration of ecs Beratung & Service GmbH, a leading cost consultancy, A2Mac1 has acquired vast costing competencies.
This allows A2Mac1 to offer comprehensive costing studies for three innovative vehicles and key domains in 2020. Saving effort and time on costing can free up cost-engineering resources at the OEM to focus on interpretation and value creation.
A2Mac1’s approach to this task entails the analysis of three vehicles - representing three distinct market segments – focused on main domains. Within these domains, selected with the present and future interest of OEMs in mind, all modules are separately analyzed and reports, both on a module and a system level, are generated and provided to the costumer.

Best practices and insights into technology selection for modules and systems can be derived from the reports to reduce cost and drive customer value.
Vehicles Analyzed:
The vehicles costed are: The Porsche Taycan 4s, the Tesla Model Y and the VW ID3. Therefore, insights can be gained into cost for functionalities like 800V-Systems, ADAS features and innovative lighting solutions. Due to the vehicle selection, the reports will also provide insights into different electrification and ADAS strategies for high and low-volume designs.
Domains Analyzed:
The costing will be conducted on the full ADAS, E-Powertrain and Lighting Domain.

For E-Powertrain, everything that is connected to the High Voltage-Drivetrain will be costed. This includes mechanics such as gearboxes and motors as well as electronics like the Inverter. For Batteries, detailed cost reports will be provided down to a level of the cell chemistry. In addition, the On-Board-Chargers and DC-DC Converters as well as the High-Voltage-Wiring and the Charging Sockets will be costed.
The driving assistance systems analyzed will include: Sensors such as Cameras, Radars, and Lidars, central computing units, auxiliary ECUs and wiring. Details will be provided down to the component selections and Bills-of-Material for each ECU will be given.

In conclusion, the scope for the full analysis is very extensive. For the full program, around 65 module calculations will be provided. Each of these calculations will come with a highlight-report and a System-Report per domain and vehicle
Reports provided:
The reports given will provide both high-level summaries and highlights for each of the Modules analyzed as well as in-depth calculations detailing bills-of-material to a level of electronics components used and their associated costs. Production cost for each of the modules will be calculated and handed over in working cost models. The reports will compare the vehicles and individual components as well as on a system level. As benchmarking is usually done, also to provide insights into best practices, A2Mac1 will provide insights into cost-trends for each domain to set future targets for functionalities and systems. The results will be discussed at the Customers’ site to discuss calculations and findings on an expert level.
Timing: The Porsche Taycan is already in our workshop and teardowns are being finalized. Towards the second half of the year, the Tesla Model Y will be torn down and the VW ID3 will be torn down in Q4/2020.