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Electronicien – Hary, France – CDD Temps complet, évolutif CDI

Position Electronicien
Location & Site Hary, France
Contract Type CDD Temps complet, évolutif CDI

Rattaché(e) au responsable du service Electronics, votre mission consistera à analyser les boitiers électroniques de véhicules automobiles.

Plus particulièrement, vos activités se résumeront à :
• Démonter les boitiers électroniques selon le process A2Mac1.
• Prendre des photos (appareil photo reflex) tout au long du process de démontage et de récolte des données
• Réaliser les retouches des photos et les schémas éclatés sur le logiciel photoshop
• Caractériser les composants électroniques des cartes électroniques
• Rechercher les datasheet et les exploiter
• Implémenter l’ensemble des informations sur notre base de données

Profil recherché
• Vous êtes titulaire d’un BTS dans le domaine de l’électronique
• Vous êtes curieux, débrouillard, rigoureux.
• A l’aise avec l’outil informatique.
• Une formation sur nos process et nos outils est prévue pour la prise en main du poste.

• Vous intégrez une entreprise dynamique, innovante et orientée vers l’avenir.
• Nous vous offrons un environnement de travail « à taille humaine » dans lequel votre expertise sera reconnue et vos initiatives pourront se concrétiser rapidement.
• Rémunération : selon profil et expérience + Package (Mutuelle, Titres restaurants et primes)

Contact CV et lettre de motivation – Vanessa DEVOUGE, Chargée de RH –


  • A dynamic and fast growing company.
  • A culture of innovation and continuous improvement, where creative ideas are always welcomed.
  • A global experience, with the opportunity to perform regular projects abroad and collaborate with industry world leaders.
  • An open culture with human-scale teams in which you can reach your full potential and be recognized for your achievements.


Gaël Guirlinger – Global Operations Manager, A2Mac1 Group
“When I started out as an apprentice engineer in 2006, I had no idea of the growth opportunities that were in store for me. As I invested in the company’s growth, A2Mac1 invested in my growth. Through hard work and commitment, I rose from apprentice engineer, to Manager of Quality & Innovation, to Operations Manager, in the span of 4 years following my graduation – and guess who covered the cost of my studies? Thanks to A2Mac1, my career has launched like a rocket ship.”

Vijayalakshmi J - Automotive features analyst, A2Mac1 India
“Having started my career at A2Mac1 India as an automotive feature analyst, I have been able to witness the evolution of vehicles over the years in the industry. Reviewing criteria, specifications and new features of every vehicle has improved my understanding of the market’s progress. I also had the opportunity to explore different fields of benchmarking activities in addition to my current sector of work. The inter department support and global collaboration with colleagues at A2Mac1, has enabled me to develop multiple skills and gain cross-cultural exposure. I look forward to taking up further responsibilities that will influence my professional growth.”

Amaury Angremy – Web Developer, A2Mac1 France
“When I joined A2Mac1 4 years ago, I was given the opportunity to work in an area that has always been fascinating to me : the automotive industry. At A2Mac1, I do not only apply the knowledge I acquired through my studies as well as in my past professional experiences, I also expand my knowledge working on the development of the A2Mac1 software. Working on a stable yet pioneering software, improving it based on the industry’s needs, and presenting such a vast amount of data to our clients in the most efficient way possible, are now challenges that I proudly accept every day.”

Cruz Barragan - Client Relations & Business Development, A2Mac1 USA
“At one point in my career, I needed to see the big picture and that’s when A2Mac1 offered me the opportunity of a lifetime: collaborating with powerful industry leaders, worldwide. Considering my hard work and achievements, A2Mac1 granted me the opportunity to travel internationally reaching new frontiers. I visited many countries that I had only seen in pictures or magazines. The fact that I was exposed to an open-culture environment, made me realized the importance of diversity in an organization. A2Mac1 has allowed me to think as an entrepreneur with no borders, and I’m very grateful for the opportunities.”

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