As experts in benchmarking and costing, all of our data is captured methodically, using a standardized approach. All contents are accessible on a unique web-based platform integrating 3D navigation and multiple functionalities designed to help your teams complete fast and effective analysis.


Market Benchmarking


Available for: passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural equipment, and construction equipment
The most comprehensive photo coverage of all the major motor shows every year, our programs boast a database of over 5 million pictures with up to 500 standardized images per vehicle, allowing you to review the latest model improvements and concepts, understand current design language evolution and make comparisons across geographical locations and vehicles.


Get the latest, up-to-date news about new vehicle introductions, facelifts and new technologies worldwide. Data is updated daily with online OEM press information as well as before, during and after every major auto show. Data is distilled and delivered in one centralized platform.

Static Benchmarking


Full vehicles teardown available for: passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and construction equipment
The largest complete vehicle teardown documentation program in the world. Our teardown database includes a searchable database of over 1000 fully disassembled vehicles, allowing you to analyze and compare all documented parts down to the fastener level and quickly generate and export robust reports. Clients can also borrow the parts for further in-house analysis.
Deep dive into components and systems by using integrated tools on our 3D platform (measurements, sections, etc.). For all vehicles torn down in Europe, the USA and China, we provide a 3D scan on virtually every single vehicle part.


Our Virtual Collaborative Workshop application combines digital benchmarking and collaborative tools using virtual reality so you can work remotely on projects. By using the application, you visualize and analyse your competitor’s product data in an immersive VR environment, allowing you to work with your teammates to compare design and assembly.
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We provide 3D scans of entire vehicle exterior, interior and underbody surfaces, delivering a 1:1 scale 3D model in STL format. Import our models into 3D environments to make precise measurements and effectively compare prevailing designs. We also develop hundreds of critical occupant package measurements aligned with SAE J826 and J1100.


With all major xEV being analyzed worldwide, keep-up with the latest innovations and optimizations on powertrain electrification. We offer an in-depth exploration of all high-voltage components and technologies, including electrification functional schematics, power electronics BOM and battery management system report. In addition, a highly detailed Battery Cell Analysis is provided as well as part by part 3D scans of the battery.


Easily compare chassis solutions, technologies and identify best practices thanks to our detailed analyses of chassis components. We offer 3D scans, information related to dismantling, metal sheet hardness, thickness and chemical composition, hard points location and measurements, sections, as well as detailed technical functional comparative properties.


Our in-depth analysis of the body-in-white (BIW) includes a full 3D scan of the frame, individual stamping isolation, and dozens of typical sections presented in IGES file format. Measurements of individual panels are made and recorded relative to thickness, hardness and chemical compositions, enabling users to evaluate BIW assembly strategies, compare individual panel mass and design attributes, and review reinforcement solutions.


Our electronics intelligence enables you to evaluate the latest technologies and executed design sophistication, as well as assess the amount and use of electronics in competing vehicles. The database includes teardown documentation of electronics modules, review of printed circuit boards and components, bills of materials and detailed pictures.


With the analysis of the entire electrical system at your fingertips, quickly evaluate the electric architecture of competitor vehicles. The database includes comprehensive review of all connectors and wiring harnesses, thorough investigation of ground data as well as bus data and topology.


Detailed analysis of vehicle lighting systems, equipped with key technologies, enabling you to assess your competitors’ lighting system assembly, design methods and quality, and stay abreast of innovative solutions. Includes functional descriptions, 3D scans, teardown documentation, electrics / electronics review, and access to parts from our library of lighting systems, for further in-house analysis.


Our advanced 2D programs develop approximately 100 typical sections of the interior and exterior, providing sectional renderings in DXF and IGES file formats of the most important sub-systems. All major points of interest across the vehicles are analyzed, allowing you to review material and technology trends, analyze assembly and design methods, and evaluate the perceived quality of competitor vehicles.


Developed in cooperation with the major seat manufacturers in North America, this program offers comprehensive benchmark analysis of seat sets. Gain access to benchmarking intelligence as well as a large inventory of physical seats for further in-house analysis.

Dynamic Benchmarking


Evaluate and compare sound pack parts and the full acoustic performance of vehicles thanks to our acoustic programs developed in cooperation with Autoneum. The analysis includes operational road measurements as well as transfer functions. For insulation parts, we provide structural and acoustic properties of the materials.


With our comprehensive embedded instrumentation and a wide variety of test campaigns, we help you understand the vehicle energy (thermal and electrical) management strategies of the latest electrified vehicles. Accelerate the identification of the most efficient solutions with our graphical comparison tools.


Covering static, quasi-static and dynamic on track testing in a single repository, Vehicle Dynamic Benchmarking enables you to quickly understand how technological choices translate into vehicle performances. The tests are performed on UTAC-CERAM tracks, and are available directly from A2Mac1 Platform with graphical compare capabilities.


Evaluate key players and monitor the effects from design choices on full vehicle aerodynamics performances. We offer full physical testing capabilities in wind tunnel and detailed realistic aerodynamics simulation. The wind tunnel allows you to benchmark efficiently the aerodynamics coefficient while with the simulation - starting from 3D Exterior Scan or 3D AutoReverse full digital mock-up, you gain a clear picture of air flow characteristics around any device or inside the vehicle underhood.



Find out quickly where your competitors invest, and what your profitability improvement levers are. For each vehicle, we cost all domains (ePowertrain, ADAS, Infotainment, HMI, E/E architecture, Chassis, Interior and Body-in-White) with bottom-up calculations on components and systems. Our team of cost engineers also compiles an executive summary with the engineering highlights and their cost impact. With our online cost model tool, we enable you to simulate different scenarios (volumes, manufacturing country, depreciation, etc), so that you can evaluate with your own premises.


With our in-depth cost calculation of the full e-powertrain domain, incl. e-Axle, charger, DCDC, battery (incl. BMS) and HV-wiring, benchmark prices on component and functional levels are available. This includes also cost trends and cost-technology roadmaps. The benchmark report shows a direct comparison between solutions and comments KPIs. In addition to the data analysis and report, benefit from briefings and reviews with our costing team to exchange on the key findings and to apply lessons learnt on your own design.


With our in-depth cost calculation of the full ADAS domain, incl. cameras, lidar, radar, ultrasonic sensors, ADAS ECU and wire harness, benchmark prices on component and functional levels are available. This includes also cost trends and cost-technology roadmaps. The benchmark report shows a direct comparison between solutions and comments KPIs. In addition to the data analysis and report, benefit from briefings and reviews with our costing team to exchange on the key findings and to apply lessons learnt on your own design.



Go faster from data to vehicle insight! The Vehicle Discovery Reports offer a top-down consolidation of the key systems of your competitors’ products and accelerate your Benchmarking tasks. On top of that, our engineers share valuable and actionable highlights related to design efficiency, weight & cost saving, and innovation.

  • Effective Comparison
    Our methodology is best in class. Standardized and repeatable processes for data collection ensure robust, comparable data.
  • Quick Analysis
    User-friendly search and compare tools make it easy for your teams to navigate data and extract insights.
  • Smart Savings
    We enable you to concentrate your resources on analysis and cut your benchmarking costs dramatically.
  • Mutualized Benefits
    By partnering with manufacturers, suppliers and material producers, we provide you with the most favorable cost-benefit ratio in the industry.


Access Benchmarking Parts for Further Analysis

We have stored components from our vehicle disassembly programs from as far back as 2001. As a client, you can access our library of over 800,000 physical parts in order to complete further in-house analysis. Borrow parts or host your benchmarking workshops, on-site, at our facilities. With the ability to borrow a complete vehicleʼs teardown parts or focus on specific systems or topics, your teams are better equipped for workshops, brainstorming and deep-dive analysis.

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