About A2MAC1

Our vision

Driving progress together by shaping the future through data and profound insights

Alongside us, shift from reactivity to proactivity. Be part of the constant motion of the world, look beyond, and decode the future. Thanks to our industry-agnostic experience and undisputed expertise in benchmarking, we can provide you with the hidden secrets of complex technology, by revealing the invisible, dissecting the material, and translating the data into profound insights.

Our values make us GREAT

Grow together

We care for our people – our greatest assets. Continued learning and upskilling allow them to grow, and we grow with them.


We demand an environment of respect through diversity, transparency and trust, by encouraging and using feedback as an engine of continual self-improvement.


We are renowned for quality and reliability. We put quality first for our customers and have exacting standards for everyone in the company.


We are the number one in our space worldwide. But we remain restless, innovating to go beyond and stay ahead of trends, always offering more to our customers and employees.


We keep our word inside and outside the company with utmost confidentiality. We are accountable to all our stakeholders, and believe in the skills of our employees.

Our story

25 years of experience and expertise in competitive benchmarking:

  • 1997 – Beginning the journey in France
  • 1998 – First contact with suppliers
  • 1999 – First contact with OEMs
  • 2003 – Crossing the Atlantic
  • 2006 – Offices open in Germany
  • 2010 – Expansion into East Asia with benchmarking site in China and offices in Japan
  • 2014 – Expansion in South Asia with offices in India
  • 2015 – Continuous expansion in Asia with offices in Thailand and Korea
  • 2016 – Benchmarking site opens in India
  • 2018 – Benchmarking site opens in Thailand and Korea
  • 2019 – Benchmarking site opens in Mexico
  • 2020 – Expansion of capabilities with ADACCESS & ECS Acquisitions
  • 2021 – ImproValue & Coram Acquisitions
  • 2022 – Expansion into Turkey


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A2MAC1, a global player

With over 600 employees, across 14 countries, and data as our universal language, we connect with all industries globally.

Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of our business

Decoding how to make the world go greener, smarter.

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What we offer

Discover our 360°approach to benchmarking divided into three blocks: technology, performance and cost. Our platform is based on our reliable and proprietary foundation to suit all your benchmarking needs. You'll find with us the perfect translation of technical jargon into clear and instructive insights.

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Our leadership team

Our international leadership team drives value and accompanies tomorrow’s innovation for our clients and ourselves.

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